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Double Glazing for Caravans

Gone are the days of chilly holiday homes where you can hear every sound your neighbours make!  In this article we’re diving into the topic of double glazing for caravans.

Whether a static caravan or something more mobile, this type of accommodation today can afford the same benefits as our homes; double glazed glass for warmth and high quality UPVc profiles for security, efficiency and style.

The right look for my caravan

Improvements made with double glazing are no longer reserved just for the home address. With UK trends for re-igniting this popular holiday style, there is no reason sumptuous looks cannot be extended to our caravans.

Double glazing specialists can provide caravan window and slimline door options to compliment your ‘home from home’. 

Additionally, sophisticated designs can completely alter the look of your current caravan, bringing it right up-to-date in terms of today’s style and avoid the need to purchase a new one. 

Why not switch a picture window for a patio door? Providing new access and opening up the inside space creates a totally new aspect and improve your lifestyle.  

Double glazed doors that lead onto patios offer the caravan owner great, extended areas.  You can even add a small conservatory or porch, making you the envy of your neighbours!

Indulge in double glazed windows of crisp white, anthracite grey or add a splash of colour to impart a bit of grandeur to your caravan.

Choose openers that suit your needs.  Seating areas may benefit from large double-glazed openings to allow fresh air to flood your caravan.  

For those who desire window sill space (often absent in caravans) this can be factored into the design of the window.  

Static caravans can even have bay windows, allowing more floor space internally or a useful, wider window sill.

Traditionalists may choose a Georgian bar design for their double glazed window to accommodate that homely feel.  

Clear, large casement windows are another popular choice, providing unobstructed views of your holiday destination.

Whatever distinctive style you desire for your caravan, manufacturers of double glazing windows can tailor to your needs, helping you to plan, design and achieve your individual look.

How do caravan double glazed windows differ from conventional glazing?

Whilst still offering all the advantages you’d expect from double glazing, the UPVc systems for caravans are built with slimmer, weight reduced profiles so as not to look out of place and bulky.

These slimmer dimensions are in line with construction requirements for holiday homes and designed to fit neatly into any van.

How will double glazing benefit my caravan?

As well as upgrading your caravan in terms of look, double glazing provides low-maintenance longevity.

Investing in double glazed caravan doors and windows will ensure you benefit from warmth and security.  

Banish those heavily-condensated window panes by replacing old windows with double glazed glass.  

Most units are manufactured with a minimum of 20 mm glass, ensuring the warmth you provide inside your caravan stays inside.  This undoubtedly extends the holiday season to ‘all year round’!

The thermal efficiency of double glazed glass also means your caravan will retain all the heat provided by the sun, thereby saving you money on heating bills during cosy autumn and winter breaks.

Good news for those who rent their holiday caravan – this season extension will massively increase income.

As with double glazed windows in your house, investing in static caravan windows also means you’ll also be adding value to it for resale.

With today’s caravan owners treating their vans as they do their homes, looking after valuable contents inside is a priority.  Double glazing ensures you benefit from a high level of security, especially during those weeks when you’re not there.

Fitting Caravan Windows & Doors

As with all double glazing installation, it is good advice to use professional fitters.

Whilst fitting procedures may vary from one company to another, it is worthwhile considering the method of installing windows and doors into caravans to provide the sleekest look along with the most efficient performance.

Some double glazed units are fitted with a foam gasket whereas other companies favour the silicone seal.  Both will seal the unit well.  However, silicone has a tendency to discolour over time and can be prone to mould.

Foam gasket, when properly compressed, gives a cleaner finish and is completely water-tight. 

Silicone sealed units may come at a cheaper price.  Discuss options with your caravan double glazing fitters to make an informed decision.

These days, most double glazing systems are fitted with multi-point locking systems. Pulling the sash in at multiple points makes for an air-tight closure with an even compression on the weather seal.

When fitted with multi-point locking systems, caravan double glazing is more secure and more economical compared to the less-expensive cockspur system.  

Door locks can be fitted with a thumbscrew system for easy, keyless locking from the inside.

Double glazed caravan windows and doors can be internally or externally glazed.  The benefit of internally glazed systems is, because the beading (that secures the glass in place) is on the inside, there is less chance of a break-in.  Removal of the glass to gain entry would need to be carried out from the inside.

So, choosing double glazing will greatly transform a cherished, loyal caravan or provide optimal benefits to a new one.  One thing is certain; a holiday retreat deserves the same investment we give our homes.  After all, this is where we escape to and relax.

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