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Looking for an affordable way to add an extra layer of privacy or protection to your windows? Double glazing window film may be the answer, as we explain here…

Whilst window film has various uses across the world of boats, cars and motorbikes, it’s use in double glazed windows and doors is usually focused on obscuring glass, reducing heat and/or cutting UV light. 

Most of us enjoy rooms that are light but don’t necessarily want those outside to see in. Whole or part of windows can be cloaked stylishly in window film to protect you and your home from unwanted onlookers.

And, aside from these technical benefits, many homeowners simply enjoy using window film to change up the style of their glass. It’s a cheap way to mix things up without the expense of installing brand new glass.

Different types of window film 

As with most accessories, you have some choice in terms of style and functionality. Here are your main ones:

Frosted window film

This type of glass film can comes in obscure or etched design, helping to retain privacy. 

From plain or white frost to patterned. All provide the benefit of privacy and sunlight reduction but in addition, patterned frost film can add a contemporary or traditional style.

If you own a period style house then you may opt for a Victorian pattern for your glass. 

This is particularly popular for glass panels in front doors. Back in the day, many of these properties would have their house number etched into glass panels.  The window glass film can provide an economical version of this.

A contemporary option may be ‘cut-outs’ where certain parts of the film are left clear. 

This can be a border design, centred or off-centred.  Thanks to the technology of computer led cutting machines, pretty much anything goes. This gives customers an opportunity to personalise their windows at minimal cost.

If you wish to add a pleasing tone to a room (often chosen for bathrooms), the frost film can also be supplied in an attractive blue tint.  Remember this doesn’t have to cover the whole window.  Why not add a little bit of seaside sparkle to your home?

Coloured window film

There is a great market today for decorative and colour designs that give the impression of expensive glass patterns without the cost.  Because the glass film is easy to remove, you can change your mind about choices very simply.

Along with tinted frost film, vinyl film also comes in a whole spectrum of colour preferences.

For those who desire something a little more ambitious, the stained glass patterns may appeal.

When it comes to window film design, the sky’s the limit!

window film example

Solar Control window film

Glass film can also be supplied with solar control built in, which ensures the room you are protecting does not suffer from harmful sun rays.

Talk to your supplier about options of design patterns and colour and incorporate solar control as well, if this is something you would benefit from.

If you’ve ever experienced sunlight through your window causing valuable fabrics to fade from its glare, this could be a great solution.  Window film can help you to avoid damage to your treasured furniture and soft furnishings.

Safety first

If you wish to upgrade older glass to bring it closer to current glass safety standards, then look no further than safety window film.  

This self-adhesive material is designed to laminate windows and doors making it shatter proof. Speak to your window film expert to understand exactly what your glass needs to bring it up to a good level of safety standards.

Glass manifestation stickers (or “glass awareness safety” stickers) have been around for some time too.

Used mostly in commercial settings to help alleviate accidents where members of the public may not notice large panels of glass, they are equally useful around the home where small children are present.

Dots, strips, squares, whatever you choose, this simple method can reduce accidents when used on doors and partitions.  

Glass awareness doesn’t have to be boring either. 

Sticker film can be beautiful in the form of birds, butterflies and flowers.  Why not add a little fun to a purposeful aspect of glass safety?

Can I apply window film myself?

Application is easy – using soapy water and a specialised tool, you can get a professional finish in minutes.

Most types can be purchased off a roll; by the metre or cut to meet your requirements.

Simply purchase online from your chosen supplier or even pick up your order from your local stockist.

Alternatively, if you want a supplier to fit the film for you, most film companies will have experts who provide this service.

Removing the window film is also easy; with soapy water and a wide squeegee, the process is quick and doesn’t leave behind any nasty marks.

Final thoughts…

Without a doubt, window film is highly underrated and often overlooked when homeowners wish to alter the look of their house.  

There are some great suppliers out there waiting to transform the style of your living space.  

Amongst these are companies such as Southgate and Purlfrost and Abode Window Films who specialise in this material.  

Equally, you may wish to explore the smaller selection of window film from your local DIY stockists including Screwfix, Wilko and Argos. 

Be amazed at how much of a change you can make; whether it’s for privacy, security or design, window film has got it covered.

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