Sliding Patio Doors – Everything You Need To Know

Sliding patio doors

If you’re looking to bring maximum light into your house whilst taking up minimum space – and all that on an affordable budget – sliding patio doors are returning to the top of many homeowners’ lists. Let”s find out why…

Sliding patio doors are usually two panes of glass in a UPVc or aluminium frame which open by one sliding behind the other.

Sliding doors allow a large opening out into the garden or patio. They can also be used as access out into a conservatory from the home, providing the more prudent homeowner with extra security.

Unlike the hinged French doors and folded sections of the Bifold doors, this sliding system takes up no extra space allowing you to place garden items or furniture alongside it.

Sliding patio doors allow plenty of light into your home with their large area of glass and, whilst once considered the ‘budget option, many homeowners are now falling back in love with the humble ‘slider’.

These designs are becoming sleeker in profile and thanks to advanced runner systems (not to mention new stylish looks), back in trend.

Sliding Door Styles

Professional double glazing companies can offer a range of colours and designs for your sliding door, providing a stunning expanse of light whether your opening is 5ft wide or 15 feet wide.

The majority of UPVc and aluminium doors are manufactured in white or grey although the eye-catching black has grown in popularity for the contemporary home.

Whilst the addition of Georgian bars can offer a traditional feel to sliding doors, most buyers will value and appreciate the benefit of the large open space that the classic design provides, with little obstruction to the view beyond.

A glass sliding door can be fitted with thresholds flush to the floor for an even more stream-lined effect.

What about ultra-slim sliding doors?

The frame of the ultra-slim sliding door aims to tackle that old reputation of ‘chunkiness’ that was often considered this type of door‘s downfall.

Today’s systems offer a more slender profile as only aluminium can.

The interlocks (or central mullions) are as slim as possible thereby causing less interruption to your field of vision.

How much do sliding doors cost?

Sliding patio doors represent great value for money with a variety of configurations to meet most customer’s needs.

Purchasing a sliding door system can cost as little as £600 making them affordable to many.

Security & efficiency

Whilst some people feel the vast area of glass central to the sliding door can attract unwanted visitors, they are actually considered safer than doors that operate on hinge systems which are often easier to tamper with.

The issue of people being able to see into your home from outside can be easily rectified with the addition of curtains or blinds.

Sliding patio doors are made with toughened safety glass so even with the high glass to frame ratio, homeowners can put their minds at rest.

Sliding patio doors come with multi-point locking systems, designed to keep your home secure. Naturally, the higher the specification (the material, the glazing, the locking mechanism…) the more secure the door.

The double or triple-glazed doors on these systems are designed to keep the cold out and the warm in with their high standards of thermal efficiency.

All doors come clearly labelled with their ‘U-value’ which represents the amount of heat transfer that will take place.

Bear in mind that the humble sliding patio door is able to be opened a small amount, allowing a flow of air without fully extending the whole panel.

If you’re looking to turbo-charge the security of these, you can also upgrade with an alarm.

What about maintenance of sliding patio doors?

Plastic and metal requires very little maintenance; both UPVc and aluminium material only require the occasional wipe clean to restore them to their original state.

The diligent homeowner will consider the rails on which the doors slide. Ensuring they are free from dirt by vacuuming top and bottom regularly will ensure a smooth slide .

Silicone lubricants are great for cleaning the rails as they repel dust.

All in all, a well maintained set of sliding patio doors should last around 20-30 years.

Why should you choose sliding patio doors?

If you are looking for a stylish, light option for your home, a floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door is a great solution.

The swathe of extra natural light and almost uninterrupted views of the outdoors make the sliding patio door a classic choice.

The variety of styles offer elegance for the traditionalist and sophistication for the minimalist.

This type of door also provides a house with an energy efficient alternative to old doors and windows without compromising on security.

The affordability and low maintenance of this ‘little gem’ ensures this much admired system stays very much at the forefront of the minds of architects and homeowners alike.

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