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PVC window sill covers

Window sills are not just an essential structural feature which keeps windows in place and provide support, they are also a part of the aesthetic of your home.

With that in mind, taking precautions to protect it from scratches, paw prints and other unsightly marks can be a good idea; that’s where PVC window sill covers come in…

Let’s start at the beginning…

A window sill is the bottom horizontal structure or surface of a window.

This shelf-like window ledge has multiple purposes and can be visible on the inside, outside or both.

As well as being an important part of the window structure, it is angled on the outside to take rainwater away from the window, and flat on the inside to provide a place to put ornaments, photographs and other homely items.

The majority of modern doors and windows in the UK come in PVC and this is usually what the window sill is made of too; not only does it look clean, it’s durable, dependable and cost-effective.

But whilst your new double glazed windows will almost certainly include a PVC window sill already, you may want to take additional steps to protect it from future issues, or to cover existing ones.

Why Should You Cover a Window Sill?

There are various reasons why you might want to invest in a window sill cover…

Water Resistance 

When it rains, your window’s sill will keep moisture out and keep water from getting inside.

Additionally, it keeps mould from growing on the window as well as the walls around it, extending the life of your window.

Save Energy

The window sill acts as an airtight seal, preventing drafts from entering the room. Consequently, you’ll save money on your winter energy costs and enjoy a toasty house if this is kept in top shape.

Additional Structural Support

Solid sills at the bottom of windows provide structural support by preventing the window frame from shifting. When the window sash is closed, it prevents the lower rail from moving.

Creative & Decorative

Have it as a bookcase, a place to display candles, or any number of other decorative accents. It can be transformed into a beloved reading nook with a minimum of effort.

uPVC Window Sill Covers: Internal vs. Exterior

As you’ve probably seen, window sills can be found on both the inside and outside of your windows; given the positioning of these, there are slightly different considerations for each.

Covers for Interior Window Sills 

In contrast to outer sills, internal sills are flat and do not allow water or snow to fall. 

As protection is less important indoors, the interior window’s key quality is still its visual appeal. Consequently, you should choose a material and design that complements your room’s design.

The main reason people opt for an interior window sill cover is to protect new installations from muddy pet prints or scratches.

With that in mind, the thin, light Cill Repair Covers offered by companies such as Eurocell are an excellent low-cost choice which can save hundreds of pounds (compared to refitting) and take less than 10 minutes to install.

Exterior Window Sills

Given their role in keeping the elements out of your house, exterior window sills serve a more important function and may need something more substantial than a simple cover.

As with anything that aims to keep your house insulated and free from water damage and moisture, you should consider professional advice before doing any DIY work here.

Whilst it may not be necessary to replace the whole unit when your cill is damaged, a brand new PVC sill, complete with plastic window trim and end caps, may well be the safest option in many situations.

Window Sill Design Choices

Window sills from various manufacturers come in a range of colours, making it simple for customers to choose the perfect fit for their window openings.

They can be painted any colour or mimic organic elements with a glossy as well as matte finish in addition to the standard white.

When looking at window sill covers, you have the same range of choices – and the added benefit of being able to spice up the look and feel of the room a bit!

From black ash to stainless steel effects, you can really customise the space.

Window Sill Cover Costs

Whilst the cost depends on the size and design, using window sill covers is of course much cheaper than fully replacing a window sill. 

Eurocell’s replacement cill covers come in at much less than £100 and can often be fitted yourself, meaning no additional labour costs.

Overall, using these covers for cosmetic or stylistic reasons is a great low-cost way of preserving the look and lifespan of your double glazing.

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