Pilkington K Glass | Everything You Need To Know

Pilkington K Glass

If you’re researching the best options for doors and windows for your house, you may well have heard of “Pilkington K glass” as an excellent addition. In this article, we take you through everything you need to know about it. 

Pilkington K glass has been around for over 30 years.

It’s the leader in terms of energy efficiency and arguably the most trusted supplier within the double glazing industry; many of the best UK double glazing companies will offer it as an option.

Pilkington K glass forms the inside pane within a double glazed unit and provides a coating that reflects heat back into a room from the sun’s energy.

Additionally, Pilkington K Glass has proven itself to be easily stocked, processed and installed.

Issues of dreaded internal condensation are greatly reduced with Pilkington K Glass.

Not only does Pilkington K Glass meet with building regulations but this solar efficient glass ensures a higher Window Energy Rating (WER) which goes above and far beyond that stipulated by Building Controls.

With its original coated glass and now further advanced forms of the product; improved thermal property ‘A’ glass and outstanding thermal with a highly neutral appearance ’S’ glass, Pilkington K Glass is the ideal choice when it comes to energy consumption.

Naturally, the high performance of this glass will save homeowners massively on heating bills and offers greater opportunity for increased glazed areas in buildings because of this. We all understand the benefits of bringing more light into our homes without compromising on warmth and cost.

How Much Does Pilkington K Glass Cost?

Because Pilkington K Glass is number one in the UK and adheres to up-to-date building standards, this is the glass that most glaziers will be using.

Therefore the cost will be included in the price of the units you are purchasing and it’s unlikely customers will be aware of the pricing for this glass type unless they require a break-down of their quotation.

When considering the cost of Pilkington K Glass, customers must always bear in mind that this glass type requires less heat to keep the home warm, stores up natural sunlight and therefore makes economical sense at the point of purchase as money will be saved in the long term.

What Are The Advantages of Pilkington K Glass?

  • Improvement to how energy efficient your home is which leads to drastically reduced bills
  • Provides the possibility of increasing the glazed areas to your home.
  • Can be toughened to increase the security in your home.
  • Offers a reduction in unsightly internal condensation.
  • Goes above and beyond Building Regulations.
  • Robust, hard coating means virtually limitless shelf-life.
  • Easy to handle and process; reducing cycle times.

Disadvantages of Pilkington K Glass

  • Due to it’s higher efficiency, PKG is a more expensive up-front cost than other options.
  • This glass can cause reduction of light entry, which varies depending on the specification you opt for. Some customers are surprised at the reduction of light into a room whilst others value the benefits of this in itself; less chance of fade to furniture and less glare on the eye.

Round up: A Clever Addition To Every Window

The advantages of Pilkington K Glass speak highly of this credible product.

Yet to be challenged in terms of performance, PKG remains a driving force when it comes to development of energy-efficient glazing.

If you are looking for ways to save on energy whilst transforming your home, make sure you don’t waste more energy looking around for alternative solutions – thanks to Pilkington K Glass, your optimal solution is already here.

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  1. My kGW tend to miss tap very badly on the outside. I have been told this is normal but it is that bad. I cannot see out of my windows. I’ll have to use a squeegee to get the connotation off. Why is this

  2. I have Pilkington k glass fitted to my property and I have serious misting up on the outside. Due to this type of glass. I have never seen anything like it. I cannot see out of my windows until it is cleared. If I had been told this before I had the glass, I would not of had it, I am totally dissatisfied with it


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