Patio Door Alarms (+ Other Security Devices)

Patio Door Alarms (title image)

Whilst a sliding glass door might look great, how does it measure up when it comes to home security?

In this article we’re diving into the topic of patio door alarms and how they can provide discreet peace-of-mind without ruining the look and feel of the area.

Is my patio door secure?

Having double glazed patio doors installed, means you have already taken the sensible step to ensure you have a good level of security for your home.  

This is what we expect from manufacturers of modern, sophisticated patio door systems.  

Tucked away and out of sight, patio doors are most likely to be at the rear of a property, providing opportunity for far-reaching views and garden access.

Unfortunately, the large expanse of glass that patio doors afford, not only give you a view out but also burglars a great view into your property.

Most homeowners need not worry however, as today’s high-profile door systems are built to withstand break-ins.

Modern developments in glass, professional fitting techniques and multi-point locking systems go a long way to protect our valuables.

Some people may find it reassuring to add an extra layer of security by installing an alarm or security mechanism to their patio door, on top of the simple door lock

Is this necessary or a marketing gimmick?

Sensor Alarms

Usually, as part of a whole house alarm system, patio door sensors can be fitted to your door that will alert you or the police.

Sensors can be linked to mobile phones to send a notification that an intruder has attempted to break-in through a patio door.

Glass break detectors (sometimes known as shock sensors) can be fitted to patio doors and are sensors that sound if the glass is smashed.  

Sensor detectors can also send out an audible alert when it detects a continual tapping such as a burglar attempting to break the beading in order to remove the glass.  (However, up-to-date methods require beading on the inside to ensure this can’t happen).

However, most patio door alarm sensors are those which become activated when the patio door is opened.  Made up of two parts, forming a circuit when kept parallel to each other, when the parts are separated (the door opens), this triggers a control panel to sound an alarm.

These patio door alarms are easy to install and can be purchased from a DIY store but ideally, fitted professionally.

Patio Door Anti-lift device

Anti-lift devices are used on sliding doors. They came about when intruders were able to take doors off their tracks and lift them out, whilst the door remained locked.  

Most sliding patio door systems these days are too sophisticated to allow this and anti-lift locks are often built into the profile of the door.

For those who wish to enhance an old patio door system, for instance, choosing this extra security measure may offer them further piece of mind.

The patio anti lift devices simply fit to the top of the frame above the cross section uprights on both sides of the door and are then adjusted to fit so that there is no opportunity to lift the doors.  

Sliding door security bars and door jammers

The patio door security bar provides a cost-effective way of stopping the movement of the sliding door. Generally, there are two types of door bar.  

The majority are fitted vertically under the handle and extend to the floor.  Even when the door is unlocked, it will be almost impossible to push the door open.

Others are horizontal designs and most commonly used on hinged doors.  The bar may be secured into the door handles or else into the brackets bolted to the door frame or wall.

Check with your supplier as to the best type of security bar for your particular door style.  

The security bar is tough and able to withstand a huge amount of pressure.  Even if an intruder manages to defeat the locks, the bar will prevent them from opening the door.

This mechanism is easy to install and easily removed when not required.

Whilst all these measures are useful in terms of added security, the fact remains that the best security system for patio doors lies within the door itself.

Toughened glass, double or triple glazing along with reinforced steel frames and internal beading all make it extremely difficult for unwelcome guests to gain entry into our homes.

When taking the step to install double glazing to your home, always ask your installer about these features and, when it comes to security, always make sure you gain a good insight into the particular locking system of their products.  

Without a doubt, multi-point locking systems offer the best security to our homes.  This type of lock bolts the door (or window) into the frame and, as its name suggests, locks at multiple points, keeping your valuables safe.

The good news is that we can retain the smooth, stunning look that UPVc or aluminium doors offer our home.  Aesthetics are never compromised – homeowners need not feel they have to add clunky sensors, bars or  bolts – whilst the security mechanism is hidden within the product, out of our view and, more importantly, out of view of unsuspecting burglars.  

Its time the intruders were alarmed…at the level of security that modern double glazing promises.  

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