What Is PAS 24 Testing?

PAS 24 testing

Publicly Available Specification – or PAS for short – is a benchmark in the double glazing industry to make sure that new products live up to a high quality. In this article, we’ll look into the details and why it gives you peace of mind for your renovations.  

When purchasing new windows and doors, along with the many other benefits, most people will undoubtedly be expecting a much higher level of security to their homes.  PAS 24 testing is designed to give home-owners peace of mind when it comes to unwanted intruders.

Professional windows and door fitters must be able to show evidence that their products have successfully completed the PAS 24 security test.

Your chosen supplier may not be involved in this testing themselves as most will only be installers of the products.  They will have purchased the materials from elsewhere but have documentation of certification awarded to the products they supply.

PAS 24 outlines the security aspects required by building regulations on all new doors and windows fitted to residential buildings.  

There are similar tests for commercial buildings but PAS 24 is specifically for home improvement products.

What does PAS 24 testing involve?

PAS 24 involves the following tests, carried out to assess how well your purchased products would stand up to a would-be burglar.

PAS 24 for Doors
(using 3 identical specimens)

  • 2 cylinder tests (for breaking the lock and for removing the cylinder)
  • Mechanical tests on infill
  • 2 manipulation tests
  • Manual cutting tests
  • Mechanical loading tests
  • Manual testing on infill
  • Soft and hard body impact testing

PAS 24 for Windows
(using 2 identical specimens)

  • Manipulation Test A
  • Manual test on infill
  • Manual check test
  • Mechanical test on infill
  • Mechanical loading test
  • Additional mechanical loading test
  • Manipulation test B

PAS 24 is a ‘minimum standard ‘set of tests. 

Some products will be stronger than the minimum standard. However, the test ensures that engineers are encouraged to design to a baseline standard for economic purposes whilst not compromising on security.

Remember, these tests do not take into account the actions of professional crooks. 

No product, of course, is ever completely secure.  Pas 24 is about reducing those risks! 

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