Laminated glass: high-level safety in your home

Laminated Glass

Looking to combine style, durability and, most importantly, safety in your windows? Laminated glass may be just the answer!

Laminated glass is a versatile and long-lasting type of glass which has gained popularity in modern homes recently. Comprised of two or more layers of glass bonded with a plastic middle layer, it offers an array of benefits such as enhanced security, noise reduction, and energy efficiency – as we’ll discover in this article.

While laminated glass is widely used in high-rise buildings, skylights, and frameless glass railings, it is also becoming a popular choice for windows and doors in residential properties. As you consider incorporating laminated glass into your home, it is essential to be aware of its advantages, disadvantages, and the available options to make an informed decision.

Uses of Laminated Glass in Your Home

Laminated glass is a versatile and durable option for various applications in your home.

One key use of laminated glass is in windows, which can provide added security and protection against break-ins. With its strong transparent layer, laminated glass is ideal for homes at a higher risk of burglaries.

Laminated glass can be a great choice for doors and side panels in your home.

With its increased safety and security features, laminated glass can help protect against forced entry and reduce the risk of injury in case of breakage. The use of laminated glass in doors can also contribute to noise reduction, making your living space more peaceful and comfortable.

Advantages of Laminated Glass

With it’s unique composition (two or more layers of glass bonded together with a plastic interlayer), laminated glass offers numerous benefits which make it a popular choice for home improvement projects.

One of the main benefits of laminated glass is its high level of safety. The plastic middle layer stops the glass from shattering, reducing the risk of injury from broken glass. It also helps to reduce sound transmission between the indoor and outdoor environment, improving your home’s soundproofing.

In addition, laminated glass offers UV protection by blocking harmful ultraviolet rays, which can cause fading of furniture and other interior elements. This feature contributes to the sustainability of your belongings.

Increased security is another advantage of laminated glass. Its robust nature and thickness make it difficult to break, acting as a deterrent for intruders attempting to gain entry into your home.

If a break-in does occur, the glass would still hold up due to the plastic interlayer, keeping the shattered pieces intact and maintaining a barrier against unwanted entry.

Laminated glass can also be used in combination with other glass types, offering enhanced energy efficiency and insulation. The possibility to create customised solutions for your home improvement needs is an added benefit.

What Are The Downsides of Laminated Glass?

Despite its numerous benefits, there can be some drawbacks to using laminated glass in your home.

One of the main disadvantages is its higher cost compared to regular glass. This is primarily due to the additional manufacturing steps and materials involved in creating laminated glass, which result in a more expensive end-product.

Laminated glass is also more difficult to install than standard glass.

The process of cutting and fitting laminated glass panes can pose a challenge, as both glass layers must be carefully carved and fractured before being heated with an infrared heating element source. This may require hiring experienced professionals, which could further drive up the cost of your home improvement project.

Additionally, while laminated glass offers greater resistance to breaks and impacts, it is not immune to scratches and other surface damage. In comparison to other materials like wood, laminated glass may be more prone to visible wear and tear over time, which could affect its appearance and efficacy source.

Ready? Here are your Options for Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is available in a variety of options, making it suitable for different uses in the home.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from different thicknesses, coatings, and interlayer materials to optimise the benefits of laminated glass in your home.

Firstly, laminated glass can come in varying thicknesses, such as 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm. The choice of thickness has an impact on the level of sound attenuation and overall strength of the glass. Utilising a mixture of different thicknesses within the glass make-up can be more effective than using a single glass thickness.

Further, laminated glass can feature special low-emissivity coatings that reduce solar heat gain and improve energy efficiency. Low-emissivity coatings help to limit the amount of heat generated in the room, reducing your dependence on air conditioning and providing a more comfortable indoor environment.

Laminated glass also offers a choice in interlayer materials, which are crucial in providing safety, strength, and security. The most common interlayer used is polyvinyl butyral (PVB) plastic, known for its strong bonding properties and soundproofing benefits. Other interlayer options may include SentryGlas® and EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), both offering additional safety and design possibilities.

As a homeowner, you have several choices in laminated glass to meet your specific needs. Don’t forget to talk to a reputable double glazing company to help make an informed decision on the best laminated glass options for your project.

Round Up: To Laminate or Not?

As we’ve seen, laminated glass offers several benefits around safety, soundproofing, and energy efficiency and, as such, shouldn’t be overlooked.It does, though, come with some drawbacks, such as its higher cost compared to regular glass.

Keep in mind its various applications, whether it be for windows, doors, or even interior partitions, as well as its durability and longevity. For those seeking increased security and sound reduction, laminated glass is an excellent choice.

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