Tips for Keeping Your Conservatory Cool

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Looking to keep your conservatory cool this summer? Here’s our guide to turning it from an oven into the ultimate chill out room…

Owning a conservatory means connecting with nature from the comfort of your home. Summer is the optimum time to enjoy this multi-faceted, light room but for one big drawback – the heat.

There are various ways to cool a conservatory, starting with low-cost quick-fixes like fitting blinds to the windows or adding cooling window film to the glass, through to air conditioning and conservatory fans.

However, to make a significant change to the climate of your sun-loving room, perhaps your best option is to seek professional guidance, in the form of a roof replacement

In this article we’ll run you through the basic options, then give you the full scoop on which conservatory roof options may be most advantageous in terms of temperature control…

Why replace your conservatory roof?

By transforming your hot-house to a more liveable room, not only will it become cooler but naturally, during winter months, warmth will be retained ensuring an all-year-round living space.

If keeping down bills scores high on your agenda then replacing a conservatory roof will be well worth considering.

Additionally, new advances in conservatory technology, affords homeowners with leak-free roofs, noise reduction and beautifully designed, extended living spaces.

Which type of roof will keep my conservatory coolest?

Polycarbonate roofs are made from strong, plastic materials yet, being lightweight in design, makes this composition easy to work with. It withstands heat and is virtually unbreakable.

Manufactured in large sheets means this roof type is economical and the UV value of polycarbonate will provide a high percentage of blockage from harmful rays whilst still allowing a lot of natural light in.

But will this roof-type keep you cool?

The simple answer is, no.

Because polycarbonate is so good at retaining heat, it is ideal for use in a greenhouse but the chances are, in summer you will overheat.

Glass roofs are similarly problematic.

Although this high performance glazing provides a stunning, clear view above you where sunlight can flood the room, a glass roof will also retain heat.

Glass roofs are much improved on thermal efficiency compared to polycarbonate roofs and clearly, stylish and traditional in design with a toughness and durability we expect from glass. This sun-loving roof is still a popular choice with conservatory purists

Prior to 2010, home owners had little choice. However, new up-to-date technology has come up with options to enable conservatory lovers the best of both worlds; maximum light without the maximum heat.

Tiled or plain, solid roofs offer a completely new option – an all-purpose living area.

A solid roof is the biggest revelation to hit the conservatory industry in the last ten years. It allows homeowners to gain optimum use out of their conservatory and so completely transforming its usage.

These insulated panels can be tiled or smooth and are made of composite materials. They can mimic an iconic appearance of natural slate or add smooth, contemporary lines of anthracite grey. Both are reasonably economical and won’t compromise the structure of your conservatory.

Hybrid roofs

For those who want to maintain the benefits of natural light above them, yet wish to gain the heat reduction of a solid roof, a hybrid design may be for you.

Simply put, this is a combination of both glass and solid roof. Thanks to innovative engineering, a lantern or flat skylight feature within a solid design, offers a wonderfully bespoke option.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are choosing or replacing, opting for a solid roof will ensure your conservatory stays cool.

Offering all the benefits of the traditional conservatory look by continuing to invite outdoor space in yet uncompromising in climate control, the hybrid roof provides it all.

So, don’t panic if your current conservatory is no longer feeling like a relaxing retreat but more likely to make you retreat.

Feel safe in the knowledge that choosing a new conservatory comes with a host of options from glass, solid or a combination of both to ensure great ventilation.

Let your double glazing specialist provide you with peace of mind and more importantly… an opportunity to simply chill out.

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