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Glass Window Sills

If you’re looking to create a unique, finish in your home, glass window sills are a great – and often underused – option. Join us to hear why.

Coloured glass window sills can be fitted where a window board would normally finish off your casement window, adding an extra layer of protection to your existing sill and providing a bespoke finishing touch to the design of your room.

Householders in the UK are honing in on this beautiful interior layer of coloured glass to compliment colours in a room and create a very personalised design.

What is the point of a glass window sill?

The sill, an often overlooked component of any window, can now be customised to suit your needs, rather than just completing the installation of a new unit.

Glass window sills are most often requested for bathroom and kitchen windows as they are resistant to water and steam, while offering surfaces that are heat-proof up to high temperatures.

By seamlessly attaching these to splash-back panels (the area usually behind taps) coloured glass window sills deliver a stunning feature to a room.

Because a coloured glass sill is aesthetically beautiful and easy to maintain, contemporary home design is also now utilising this glass element in other rooms within the home.

The ability to purchase custom window sills in virtually any colour you choose allows you to be innovative and creative with design, highlighting a theme in any room.

Benefits of glass window sills

  • The introduction of a splash of colour around the window means it stands out in a room.
  • Glass is particularly durable. It’s resistant to marks and impossible to dent and will continue to look good for many years.
  • The reflectiveness of a glass sill means you can take advantage of creating eye-catching features with ornaments or flowers.
  • Glass window sills are easy to maintain – simply wipe over to remove dirt.

Are there disadvantages to having glass window sills?

The down side to choosing coloured glass windows sills is the extra cost. 

Compared to basic MDF white window board, this product retails at around ten times more.

FAQ’s: glass window sills

What is the difference between a sill and board?

Window sills made of wood or MDF are the ones most commonly supplied at the time of purchasing new UPVc windows.

MDF stands for medium density fibreboard, so sills can often be referred to as window boards.

Can the glass sill be added to my existing window board?

Yes.  Glass sills are often laid over the top of existing wooden or MDF window boards or can be supplied to cover new boards. 

When joining to a splash back however, the glass sill can simply be fitted directly to brickwork or plasterboard with an adhesive. 

What are my colour options?

Glass window sills come in a wide range of colours & effects. 

As well as the usual RAL numbers-found with your double glazing provider – glass sills can be matched to colour codes from any paint range such as Dulux, Colortrend, Farrow & Ball, Crown Paints, Laura Ashley and many other paint brands.

What is the price compared to a normal one?

As an example, a 1200mm x 240mm MDF window board would retail around £20 in a DIY store.  The same size in a mid-range thickness, glass sill is likely to cost around £220.

Are glass sills made of toughened glass?

The glass used for sills, as with your window unit, is made from low-iron,  toughened glass. 

The product comes in a range of thicknesses but most commonly 300 mm allowing you substantial durability and strength.

Round up: Choosing glass window sills for your home

Whether you want a Stand-alone sill or a cohesive connection to other room components, choosing coloured glass for your window sill couldn’t be easier.

You may want a splash of vivid colour, a gentle mood-enhancing hue or a bit of sparkle.  With colour palettes, unusual patterns and decorative inserts available you can surely seek out your favourite.

With easy installation and wide availability many window companies are now offering this great option.  Talk with your local supplier to turn your ideas into reality.

Giving this humble component a bit of glamour and personality, will embellish your home with elegance and charm.

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