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Gable windows

Looking for a classic way to fill an otherwise blank area of brickwork and floor your room or attic with additional light? Look no further than the gable window.

A gable window is a design that fits within a triangular gable of a building.

A roof, of the same name, will slope down on either side from a triangular point, often seen on churches and civic buildings but also period properties, not forgetting contemporary structures too.

Gable windows are popular on low-roof buildings and have gained in popularity for those who wish to personalise the design of their own home. Despite this, gable windows have been around for hundreds of years.

Gable windows are usually found on the exterior of buildings and slanted in design to imitate the shape of the gable end. They can be positioned to the side or to the front of a building.

The gable window protrudes from the wall, filling an otherwise blank area of brickwork. As such, the gable window offers the homeowner and opportunity to flood a room or attic with extra light.

The gable window is sometimes confused with a dormer window as both are situated high on a building. However, unlike the dormer window, which sits within the roof of a building, the gable projects from a main wall.

Gable windows can be designed in various configurations and sit above windows or bifold doors. Whatever the roof pitch, this choice of window can be incorporated to provide a statement solution.

As well as affording the purchasers extra natural light with the likelihood of large panes of glass, the gable window also offers the advantage of saving energy in winter provided it has been adequately insulated.

The gable window is particularly sought after for its propensity to throw open a wonderful vista. However, when they face an open landscape, such as coastal views, maintenance must be a consideration as gable windows will be vulnerable to the harshest weather elements.

As with any customised addition to the home, installing a gable window should be carried out by a professionally, as an accurate fit will ensure a higher level of security and energy efficiency.

Gable windows are often added to an attic space and, as this type of room may be used less, a good level of ventilation is important.

Reputable suppliers of gable windows will ensure they are manufactured to British safety standards, and will therefore offer the same degree of security as standard window frames.

The cost of Gable windows will depend upon the size and design along with the type of glass required.

They can be manufactured in wood, UPVc or aluminium allowing for bespoke designs to unashamedly ‘stand out’ or dutifully ‘fit in’ with other windows.

The gable window is certainly a classy addition to a home but, additionally, can provide the most discerning homeowner with options for great thermal performance (a priority in today’s climate of rising energy prices), far-reaching views and maximising of light, not to mention a level of security we have come to expect from UK products.

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