Corner Windows | Unconventional Style For Your New Home

Corner windows

Looking for something to set you apart from your neighbours, whilst letting maximum sunlight into your home? A corner window might be the answer!

Today’s varied choice of windows address most glazing challenges whether the need is to create a nod to the past, perfect unconventional building or style out the most contemporary of homes.

No longer does the word ‘window‘, simply define as ‘an opening in a wall’ – the scope of possibilities is endless!

The corner windowglass to glass at a 90 degree angle – pushes boundaries to meet the demand of those wanting much-talked-about, ground-breaking designs.

The corner window is a single, sealed (not operational) unit comprising of two or more sashes that meet at a corner, spanning either side of a building.

An architectural feature of two glass areas encompassing a corner without any support structure in the middle imparts an elegant, uninterrupted view. This double aspect vista offers the same degree of security and insulation as other units yet in terms of design, achieves high levels of sophistication.

The stunning affect of the corner window literally ‘comes to light‘ as the sun moves around your home, creating bright open living spaces that most of us crave.

The corner window can maximise the full height of a room or sit within standard height frames.

The versatility of frameless corner windows provide sleek designs whilst others can be incorporated alongside patio doors to create an even bigger expanse of glass. Additionally, corner windows can be installed with their own windows seats, optimising the panoramic aspect and creating a new living space in itself.

The exterior corner window can be double or triple glazed. Your professional window installer will guide you on types of glass coatings, performance values and code compliance. You get to choose glass sizes (within the recommended range) and preference on tints.

The range of frames available to corner windows is much the same as a standard casement window enabling you to match your home’s architectural character and personality.

With the focus on strength given the position of this style of window, the options lie mainly with aluminium design or aluminium cladded timber. Both offer low maintenance and durability with a huge variety of colour options.

Be the envy of your neighbours and friends with this stunning and innovative design where light into your home will be a premium, without compromising on safety, security and sustainability.

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