Coloured UPVC Windows | What Are Your Options

Coloured UPVC Windows

Whilst the majority of new installations are white, coloured upvc windows can be an interesting option to consider when renovating your house.

Windows made of UPVc provide many advantages, not least their ability to withstand both hot and cold temperatures.

The material was first introduced over 50 years ago, yet remains steadfastly the most popular in UK design because of its durability, excellent energy ratings and high security.

Today, more and more homeowners are bucking the trend of white UPVc windows and taking advantage of the extensive colour palette available, affording them unicity and bespoke style.

Why have coloured UPVc windows?

Already established as a smart choice in window material, not to mention more economical than wood and aluminium, UPVc has become a firm leader of fashion and styles, allowing you to become masters of your own home designs.

With a range of cracking colour choices now available, you can let your creativity run wild in terms of aesthetics and design.

What are the most popular colours for UPVc windows?

Whilst, in theory, you could have windows in any colour, there are a few options which are more common around the UK.

Grey Windows

anthracite grey windows

Whilst the traditional white double glazed window is doubtlessly classic and timeless, the fascination with anthracite grey has now arrived.

Serving only to increase that elegance of style in contemporary mood, grey is currently one of the most widely-requested shades.

Even within the colour, there are many variations of the shade to suit all requirements from iron grey to light grey.

Brown Windows

For those who crave the look of wood for their windows, UPVc in brown ticks the box without the headache of maintenance that comes with timber design.

As with many UPVc colours, windows can also be manufactured and supplied in a wood-grain finish to further drive that convincing message home.

For those who need to uphold the style dictated by other buildings nearby, (restrictive covenants for instance) browns may be necessary to blend with other existing, wooden casements.

They’ll not look out of place yet offer all the benefits of new UPVc windows.

Black UPVc Windows

Bold and modern in a fashionable industrial style, black UPVc windows are gaining popularity.  Many homeowners enjoy the colour matching of other home fittings such as garden fences or railings and outdoor seating.

Cream Window Styles

cream windows

Cream UPVc windows are a favourite for cottage and period style homes.

A softer finish than white, cream windows can really stand out without standing out. They work especially well with white-washed walls and light stone brickwork.  You can even get to work marrying up the interiors of your home such as stairs and bannisters.

What about Green windows?!

From Chartwell to Olive and all shades in between, green UPVc windows, like the cream colour, are a great modern match to sandy coloured brickwork and whitewashed walls.

Green denotes ‘country retreat’ and blends beautifully with traditional English horticulture.

FAQs: Coloured Windows

OK, so you’ve decided to check out coloured windows for your house.

Here are some of the most common things people want to know before taking the plunge…

Will my windows be coloured on the inside too?

The choice is yours!

UPVc coloured windows can be cleverly manufactured with colour on the outside only, leaving the inside white.

Alternatively, embrace your colour choice, inside and out.

Brown shades of UPVc can compliment your furniture fabulously if similar you own similar shades of wood.

Likewise, if your interior furniture design is contemporary such as glass or trendy metals, you may want to bring your contemporary grey shades in.

Bi-fold doors and heritage windows are a favourite in blacks and greys as they ooze spaciousness.

You may even request two different colours for your windows; one outside and a different one inside.  Anything is possible but check with your supplier on added cost for such bespoke design.

Always get professional advice and look at similar projects as much as possible before finalising your colour decisions.

UPVc is built to last a long time so make sure you pick interior colour wisely – you’ll be living with it for a long while yet.

Does the colour of UPVc windows fade?

Thankfully, advanced technology for window manufacture means that your colour is extremely resistant to fade.

UPVc windows incorporate colour whilst in the manufacturing process, rather than as an add-on to the finished surface.

This means you can be assured of a quality finish to your colour product with no compromises.

How are coloured windows made?

By the process of either pigmentation or adding coloured foils, UPVc windows can be easily produced in virtually any colour you desire.

How much do coloured windows cost?

As a general rule of thumb, when considering coloured UPVc you should expect the cost, compared to a like-for-like in white, to be 10-15% more.

You may expect to pay a little more still when choosing unusual colours.

So, what is the best colour for UPVc windows?

Never before has window design been such a luxury.

With single or dual options you can colour your home, inside and out.

Simply contact your UPVc window supplier to check out their range – most offer around 150 RAL colours so you can compare the different swatches, weighing up the best options for your home.

It’s worth remembering, though, that the most widely available coloured UPVc today are those that work well on most houses.

Contact a trusted professional and talk through the relevant factors:

  • Are you trying to match an original style or want to transform you current look?
  • What works within the design of your house and the area you live in?
  • Will it match existing doors for instance, or will you be looking to purchase them in the same (or contrasting) colour UPVc?

Think about which colour UPVc will look the most effective with your brickwork and other building materials and research other buildings with coloured UPVc windows.

In doing so, you can gain an insight into what sort of style you are hoping to capture and compliment other significant exteriors of your home.

Many high quality window companies now offer the option of a ‘visualiser’ to help you see how your home will look in different colours.  This is a great way to explore options you may not have previously thought about.

Dark shades of black, grey or clean whites, help maximise small spaces and create edgy, minimalistic looks.

Subtle colours such as greens and cream, for instance will compliment without overstating, a home that already has unique characteristics.

Consider colours for their warmth or contemporary sleekness.

Kerb appeal should be paramount in your thoughts and by customising your home to please not only you, but future prospective buyers, will add significant value to your property.

However, with such great opportunities to personalise your home, you may never want to move again!

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