Casement Windows (Complete Guide)

Casement windows

Considered the most versatile, secure and airtight type of window configuration, casement windows are probably the UK’s favourite form of ventilation offering far-reaching views whilst flooding a room with light.

Casement windows are usually constructed singly or as a pair and often incorporated within a ‘bay window’. 

The frame of the casement window provides a secure structure in which to hold either double or triple glazed units.

The materials used for casement windows are varied to suit all property types and can provide stunning changes in the aesthetics of any building.

A casement window to suit everyone

Casement windows can be made in uPVC, aluminium or wood.  The choice of material will depend upon your budget, your style of home and the amount of effort you are wanting to put into maintaining it.

Casement windows are most commonly side-hinged although can hinge from the top or the bottom if required.

The top opening casement is often referred to as an ‘awning window’ and the bottom-opening unit is known as a ‘hopper window’.

Casement windows can be ‘fixed’ and used within a configuration having openers on either side.

‘Picture’ casement windows stand alone and can’t be opened but as the name implies, offer a great solution to those simply requiring a view.

Outward-opening casement widows are certainly the most preferred.  However, casement windows can also be manufactured to open inwards offering flexibility to suit all configurations and styles.

Casement windows don’t have to be just square or rectangular.  The casement window can be curved or symmetrical in design offering the homeowner traditional or contemporary options to compliment their location.

Which material should I choose?

The UPVc window is virtually maintenance free, comes in a choice of colours and finishes, including a woodgrain finish for those who seek the timber look without the commitment of maintenance.

Aluminium casement windows will provide the exacting homeowner with the highest quality, the broadest choices and the least amount of aftercare, all safe in the knowledge that their nomination offers the strongest and most durable option.

The wood alternative for casement windows is favoured by those who wish to replace existing timber windows, thereby preserving the style of their home.  

Many simply prefer the warmth of timber compared to its UPVc and aluminium counterparts.  

Wood casement windows are made from sustainably sourced hardwood or softwood and then laminated to increase their strength.  They are finished in stains that promise protection from all weathers.  These stains can also be manufactured in a variety of colours.  

Security and Efficiency

Casement windows are produced according to a Certified British standard – PAS which means the product alleviates any security concerns, leaving you to concentrate on design and style.

With standard, multipoint or shoot-bolt window locks, not to mention new and improved larger surface area locking mechanisms, casement windows are now more secure than ever.

The small strips of ‘bead’ that run along all the edges of the window sash used to be glazed from the outside making it vulnerable for removal and an opportunity for burglars.  Casement windows are now internally glazed for a greater level of security.

The ultra-secure locking systems of casement windows will continue to provide you with peace of mind even when open enough to allow for ventilation.  

In terms of ‘designing out crime’, UK police are constantly thinking ahead.  They have created an initiative to allow window companies authorisation to supply windows with an optional ‘Secured by Design’ endorsement.

Providers of UK casement windows work in line with British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) to ensure that double-glazed windows are A-Rated.  To obtain A++ ratings, casement windows can even be triple-glazed.  

As well as creating optimum warmth to your home by retaining heat, casement windows reduce energy consumption making them a wise choice for those considering high energy costs.

Simply check the SBD credentials of your casement windows and ask about any added security to make the most of every opportunity to ensure your home is secure.

Additionally, casement windows are a beneficial addition to your home as they help to reduce the volume of noise from outside.  

For those who live in busy traffic areas for example, the option of having acoustic glass fitted to casement windows will ensure a high quality of soundproofing, helping you to truly relax in your home environment.

How much will my windows cost?

Because there are so many variables and choices when it comes to deciding which windows are best for you, the cost of casement windows will vary greatly.

Whilst some suppliers will detail prices of casement windows in their brochures or online, this will be for purchase of the window only.  

The type of opening you require, the material, the choice of glass and added bars such as Georgian and Lead, along with hinges and handles will alter the basic window price.

Most reputable companies will want to talk you through how to customise your products and only once a decision has been made, will they be able to outline all the costs of the product and installation.

Whatever your budget, there will be a window solution that allows you to balance cost without compromising on style. 

In any event, adding casement windows to your home to replace old ones or to enhance a new project, will undoubtedly add value to your property.  

No longer just a framed area on a wall, Casement windows provide the discerning homeowner a way to add colour and style to their house.  

A long-lasting, guaranteed improvement to the home that can be individualised to every taste, casement windows offer security and efficiency.  

If you’ve ever dreamt of home design and architecture; the style guru to your most valuable asset, then this is your chance to make a dream come true. 

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