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Anthracite grey windows and doors in the home have gained massive popularity in recent years in both traditional and contemporary settings. So what exactly is this and how might you make the most of this option in your home?

UPVc windows have been around for over half a century and, for the most part, white has been the predominant colour.

Whilst black UPVc windows emerged as a choice for those requiring a contemporary design, grey has most recently arrived onto the scene.

The neutral colour of grey dominates many areas of life for good reason; grey compliments all other colours and simply cannot be matched in its classic style.

Why have anthracite grey windows?

There has been a great surge of the use of anthracite grey windows in new-builds in recent years. 

You only need to view the sleek, sophisticated housing developments in your area to understand the popularity of grey anthracite amongst architects and designers.

From casement windows to bi-fold doors, conservatories and living rooms, this matt-finish style is a reminder of natural elements like stone and rock, giving it a logical choice for all building styles.

Even if your property was built some time ago, the introduction of this neutral shade can bring homes bang-up-to-date. 

Likewise, anthracite grey can sit seamlessly with traditional properties too, allowing you to retain the original characteristics of your home.

The darker tone appeals to many homeowners in the UK with its undeniable advantages of low maintenance.  Dirt and scuff marks – even scratches – are less noticeable than on white UPVc.

Changing the colour of your existing UPVc windows to anthracite grey can be altogether transforming.

So SHould I Switch to anthracite grey for windows and doors?

Before making your final decision about anthracite grey UPVc windows, you may want to consider these options:

  • Will this colour compliment the outside of your property, taking into consideration other fixtures, such as boundary walls or fences, garages and doors (will you need to purchase new doors also?).
  • How will this colour fit with the area in which you live?
  • Will anthracite grey impact the colours of your building materials; bricks and tiles for instance?
  • Should you carry the grey colour into your home with anthracite products or will you keep a white interior (dual-product).

Will this colour cost more?

Fortunately, anthracite grey has become a popular choice of colour today so easily available and affordable. 

Certainly, if the same product was manufactured in white you would be looking at a price tag of around 15% less. 

However, If you feel the small, extra cost is far outweighed by the obvious benefits of anthracite grey, then not only will you be making a shrewd decision for yourself but adding extra value to your home if you decide to sell.

What colour are anthracite grey windows on the inside?

The inside of your grey windows doesn’t have to be the same. 

If you embrace the contemporary look, you may wish to continue the colour on the inside, matching to modern-look furnishings such as popular glass and metal materials.

Grey shades are dominating the market in soft furnishings recently as all areas of interior design seem to be recognising the fresh, neutral aspects of the colour.

If, however, you wish to keep your windows white on the inside, the two colour choices can be seamlessly manufactured alongside each other. 

Additionally, some wish to choose an alternative colour for the interior of their windows in order to personalise their home space.  Speak to your UPVc specialist to discuss options.

Will anthracite grey fade in time?

UPVc made in grey anthracite, is no more susceptible to fade than white and other popular colours.

All plastic products have a guarantee of around 10-15 years and within that time, the grey shade will hold its colour beautifully.

Will grey windows go out of fashion?

There is nothing to suggest that anthracite grey windows are going to be short-lived in the building industry. 

Whilst there has certainly been a swell of this colour choice in the UK over recent years, anthracite grey has now settled in, become a firm favourite and is, without a doubt, here to stay. 

What matches with grey windows?

  • Cladding

Anthracite grey windows look great with complimentary cladding. 

In particular, new homes are benefitting from the unique look of cedarwood cladding alongside grey windows.  Both colours providing natural hues.

Of course, cladding can also be purchased in UPVc, allowing you to match other greys and blues to your windows and providing even greater opportunities for a low maintenance home exterior.

  • Blinds

Whilst a functional addition to your rooms, blinds have a knack for highlighting the character of your home. 

If you have chosen grey anthracite windows for a modern style, you may want to synchronise this with aluminium blinds. 

The metal feel will match beautifully with grey tone windows and choosing light or white shades can help brighten up an interior, especially if the room is small.

For large rooms, you may want to match greys – windows and blinds – for a complete and consummate match.

As with cladding, the complimentary look of timber alongside your grey UPVc may be your prefferred choice.  This rustic, bohemian style denotes earthy beauty and appeals to those who care about the environment.

If your UPVc windows are white on the inside, you may wish to continue the clean lines with white or pale blue blinds.

Whatever choices you make to personalise your home, don’t forget to consider the look of your blinds from the outside too.

Conclusion: Choosing anthracite grey

Pairing to the vast array of building materials in todays building industry, anthracite grey makes a distinctive yet natural choice for homes today.

Whether you live in in a country cottage or an urban town house, or any style in between, grey anthracite UPVc is a highly adaptable colour that impressively suits every environment.

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