Aluminium Doors | The Right Choice For Your Home?

Aluminium Doors

Full of possibilities for new projects or when renovating your home, aluminium doors offer a whole range of sizes, durability and security, making them a much sought after option.

The versatility of the aluminium door can pretty much cope with anything practically and aesthetically.

What do aluminium doors provide that others don’t?

The more economical uPVC door will often require standard size apertures whereas aluminium doors know virtually ‘no limits’!

This flexibility that aluminium doors provide, offers great solutions to homes of specific character, such as cottages where continuity and authenticity is desired.

Smaller doorways are no barrier to meeting your needs when you choose aluminium.

Equally, aluminium doors for a contemporary look mean taller or wider openings are obtainable, without the necessity of side or top panels, creating cleaner, sleeker lines.

Additionally, because aluminium is manufactured in significantly slimmer frames, doors can even give the impression or larger openings as the panels themselves become the centrepiece. This allows you to concentrate on your choices of colour, glass and hardware.

Due to its need for reinforcement, the uPVC door typically uses hardware (hinges for instance) that are not so easy on the eye; distracting from the door itself.

Aluminium however, is far superior in strength providing a thinner sash profile and therefore slimmer-look hardware.

Some aluminium doors can even be designed with invisible door hinges.

What makes the aluminium door a superior option?

When considering choices of windows and doors, the idea of an integrating look is bound to appeal to the thoughtful homeowner.

Windows and doors that clash with each other in their design, do not give a pleasing look overall.

With aluminium doors, you can create a wrap-around effect of elegance, flowing in style where the front door, patio doors and windows look perfectly natural together.

The aluminium door opens up a whole world of colour choices. With a vast array of shades, textures and wood effects available you can be sure that colours match beautifully and accurately.

What really stands out as a feature with aluminium doors is simply revealed in the manufacturing process.

The powder-coated finish has been hailed as innovative and transforming. By adding that extra layer of protection this procedure delivers you a long-term investment, ensuring your home can withstand everyday life.

For those who wish to create their own, very individual door, aluminium simply says… yes, of course you can!

Mid rails, bottom rails, mullions and transoms all available to aluminium doors help you to do this.

If ‘light’ is your ‘thing’ then consider this…the robust aluminium door with its slimmer look can afford you more expanse of glass area, allowing you better views and your home a greater feeling of space.

Are aluminium doors secure, reliable and efficient?

With high security multi point locking systems, aluminium doors provide you with peace of mind.

The aluminium door won’t crack if hit with force and the Kitemark standard locks conform to British regulations.

Slick, hidden joints, centre deadbolts and key-locking handles are just a few additions to the aluminium door ensuring notable safe-guarding when it comes to security.

The manufacture of aluminium doors means the highest quality extruded aluminium alloy is powder-coated giving your door the optimum in durability and reducing maintenance.

As if security and reliability weren’t enough, the efficiency of the aluminium door means that all your hard effort of warming your home, literally doesn’t go to waste.

Thermal breaks which separate the frame into interior and exterior sections, remove opportunities for heat loss.

The aluminium door even earns its trust in terms of longevity by being fully sustainable, recyclable and nontoxic.

Will I need to maintain my aluminium door?

Because this material is so strong, and the application of colour so sophisticated, your door will require very little maintenance.

Door tracks always need to be kept free from dirt and dust but the door frame itself will simply need the occasional wipe with a damp cloth to bring back that richness of colour.

Aluminium doors are resistant against corrosion and discolouration. Fading caused by the sun is of no consequence here.

All in all, the aluminium door is guaranteed to be on your favourites list if you place importance on style and uniqueness. Shouldn’t you be able to focus on the threshold of your desires without compromising on security and efficiency?

Aluminium doors are being picked for their stunning appearance throughout the UK. With optimum quality at justifiable prices, the aluminium door is going to adorn our homes for years to come.

If you’re looking for a great option for doors outside the standard sizes, making it unique to your home, then aluminium doors are probably your best choice.

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